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Mandrabera Festa Bands

Since 2001, our group has performed all around the Basque Country. We have filled town squares with music, cheered people up and left memorable memories. Both sides of the show enjoy these experiences which combine party and music. The Festa Bands are the soul and heart that make the group members and the audience come together to share the same feeling.


Enjoy this new concept for your parties. Great musicians playing rock hits in an impressive live show plus a DJ session as the finishing touch to a unique night.


This band is always ready to cheer up the town squares in the Basque Country. The group is formed by four outstanding and experienced musicians who offer a broad music repertoire: from basque folklore to the hardest rock, without forgetting the current music and the classic hits.

Ken Bat

This trio comprises three virtuous musicians. It is perfect for those town squares that require a small format. Even though it is a band of three components, their live shows are vibrant and spectacular.

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